Monday, May 10, 2010

Some Natural Solutions for Lower Back Sciatica

Lower back sciatica is quite painful and originates from your sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the body. The pain extends from your spine to your hip and posterior area and then down the rear of each leg. While not a separate condition itself, sciatica is symptomatic of yet another problem, such as a herniated disc or another cause. Although lower back sciatica may ease with time, it may not, and the discomfort is usually quite debilitating.

According to information on sciatica most people will find this problem will naturally go away on its own, with the healing process taking a few days or weeks. Most episodes with sciatica heal within six to twelve weeks.

Legions that press on the nerve will have to be surgically removed. This may relieve your symptoms. In cases with lacerations to the nerves, even with sciatica treatment, recovery may be limited, or not possible. Injections are usually given to ease the swelling and irritation around the nerve. Over the counter medicines are given to relieve your nerve pain.

Symptoms that push patients into investigating how to cure sciatica are numerous. These include a sharp and deep-seated pain that starts in your lower back and shoots through your hip and leg when making certain movements. Numbness or muscle weakness in either buttock or leg can be a sign of sciatica. Pain in the hip, lower back or legs that increases after standing or sitting for some time is another symptom. Anyone who has difficulty moving or controlling their legs or feels a tingling sensation of pins and needles up and down either leg should be examined for sciatica.

Although as the sciatic nerve continues down the back, it branches off into both legs, it is common for only one leg to be much more symptomatic. Patients have described a sensation that is similar to feeling as though their leg is on fire. A painful sciatic nerve can create discomfort that ranges from being mildly inconvenient to becoming almost intolerable in nature. The basis of the symptoms that develop as a result of an inflamed sciatic nerve are primarily attributed to some kind of irritation to the nerve, or of the nerve being pinched or impinged upon. With even a slight injury, the sciatic nerve can become inflamed, swelling can result, thus the nerve tends to become pressed and pain results. The problem with having sciatic nerve pain can become so exacerbated that the nerves and muscles that control a persons bowel and bladder functions may become affected. In such cases, the patient should immediately seek medical attention.

Many times natural home remedies just arent enough to alleviate the pain associated with sciatica. However, many prescription drugs are known to cause unpleasant side effects for the patient. For this reason, many sciatica sufferers turn to Sciatol. Sciatol is a natural dietary supplement that has been specially formulated to support the health of the sciatic nerve, spine, and nervous system. If your sciatica pain cannot be relieved through home remedies, but you do not want the unpleasant side effects of prescription drugs, Sciatol could be the answer to all of your sciatica troubles.


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